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Student Societies

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Sooo... What societies have you guys joined in university?

Personally I've just signed up to scuba and the Lib Dem society... Pondering the LGBT although I'm not so sure lol...

Student Societies 36 votes

A student political party
5% 2 votes
A society based on my race (for example, afro-carrabean society)
0% 0 votes
A society based on the arts (literature, film, photography ect)
19% 7 votes
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender society
5% 2 votes
Something sporty
16% 6 votes
A society based on my religion
5% 2 votes
I do voluntary work
13% 5 votes
Something to do with human and civil rights, racial equality ect
8% 3 votes
I didn't sign up for anything
11% 4 votes
Something that isn't on this list
13% 5 votes
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