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College vc 6th Form

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hello all, im fairly new to the forum and i am about to start 6th form after finding out that college is not the place for me!
i went to college and instantly realised that it wasnt for me. i went and collected my time table and i though it looked ok. but when i looked and realised that my lessons were spread out from 9am - 5.30pm i knew that i was going to find it hard i had gaps between lessons that were 4.5 hours long. i mean whats a guy supposed to do when this happens and my mates have different lessons to me. for the first day i wondered the streets trying to kill time and then after the first hour i was really bored. so i phoned my mother on the first day and asked her to get me an application form for my local 6th form. and when i got home at 6.45, yes that late. i was relieved that they still had spaces. the following day i filled in the form and handed it in and i start on monday.
for me it was some of the teachers that were rubbish at teaching as when they spoke it was in a boring tone and they spoke like we was retarded. i like the "normal" school day (as in lesson after lesson) rather than getting into college at 9am then finish at 10.15am and then 4.5 hours later have another lesson and finish at 4pm.

when i went to college it did not feel like school and i dont think that i could have got used to the structure of the days.
i get very tired at about 5pm and am constantly yawning.

so what are your opinions on college, did many of you realise that it wasnt for you adn move?

BTW another thing that made me feel like it wasnt a learning place was the fact that a person that i know was beaten up by 10 boys and when his friend tried to help he got stabbed.
i find this slightly ironic and shocking as there is apolice station right next to the school, about 3-5 metres away.
im talking about orpington college by the way if anyone knows it!

College vc 6th Form 8 votes

School is cool
62% 5 votes
College dont supply Knowledge
37% 3 votes
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