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Got an addictive personality? Take the test!

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
I've just been watching Dangerous Passions on BBC1. In the programme it shows someone who's addicted to the rush and excitement of dating over and over again, and has trouble setting down in a long term relationship because they become bored with people quickly, and need that fix of the excitement of a new date again.
But addictive personalities take on all forms. At the end of the show they mentioned a test to take on their website. So below are my results.
Take the Sensation Scale Test here.

Also, do you think you have an addictive personality. Not so much to drink or drugs, but to sensation, thrills, etc. I'd say I like the jolt of adrenaline from doing somthing exciting (ie some physical or emotional activity).
Thrill and adventure seeking - you score 9 out of 10
This consists of items expressing desires to engage in sports or activities involving some physical danger or risk such as mountain climbing, parachute jumping, scuba diving, speeding in a car, etc.

Experience seeking - you score 7 out of 10
This descibes the desire to seek new experiences through the mind and senses by living in a nonconforming life style with unconventional friends, and through travel.

Disinhibition - you score 5 out of 10
This describes the need to disinhibit behaviour in the social sphere by drinking, partying and seeking variety in sexual partners.

Boredom susceptibility - you score 2 out of 10
This indicates an aversion for repetitive experience of any kind, routine work, or even dull or predictable people. Other items indicate a restless reaction when things are unchanging.

Your total sensation seeking score is 23 out of 40

Got an addictive personality? Take the test! 43 votes

Yes, I love doing/experiencing something thrilling.
60% 26 votes
No, I generally avoid new and thrilling things.
6% 3 votes
Can't decide, but let me have a nose at the poll anyway. Suppose that means I have an indecisive personality. :)
32% 14 votes
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