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Essay crises...

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Ok, the deadline's tomorrow, your tutor is evil and uncompromising, the work's really hard and going to take ages, and all your friends are in the bar.

What do you do?!

I'm finding myself often going for the 'get up horrifically early and do it before you realise how tired you are' option, because I can't work late at night and I'm really scared of not getting my work in on time....

(You'd never guess what I've been doing since 6 this morning)

Essay crises... 19 votes

Bring on the coffee, you're going for an all-nighter to get it done
63% 12 votes
You're knackered - sleep now, and get up bright and early to do it in the morning
21% 4 votes
Call up study buddies and make a team effort - it won't take as long!
5% 1 vote
Email your tutor with fabricated excuses and plead for an extension
5% 1 vote
Screw it, go to the bar and have fun! Life's too short to work so hard...
5% 1 vote
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