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...and then I told her what I felt about her, and...

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Do you think this is the right thing to do?...

You know how it is. There's someone you fancy. A girl at work. You chat quite a bit, and there's some inevitable very mild flirting. Then she breaks up with her boyfriend. However, he cheated on her, and she's in two minds about getting back together with him, and hasn't made her mind up. Then she announces that she's leaving, then that she's only leaving full time work, and will stay on part time - but this means that you won't get many, if any, oportunities to see her again. Add to that the fact that you're looking for a new job, so that may decrease your opportunites to see her again if you get a new job soon.

You fancy her. She cute, pretty, bright, and has that special something about her personality that you like, but can't necessarily put your finger on, but are unsure if she may think anything of you, let alone anthing similar.

So. Would you take a chance and tell her how you feel, and that you would like to get to know her much better, and even go out with her, if she's free and single sometime in the future?
Would you tell her you think she's got a fantastic personality, that there's something so special about her, and that she's so pretty?
Would you take that chance rather than have her not know?
Would you take that chance rather than risk losing her?
Would you take that chance and risk rejection?
Would you take that chance and risk scorn and ridicule?

I expect most of you would say yes! Tell her! Or you may never know, and miss out on the love of your life. You would probably say it's worth the risk.

......I told her! On Sunday, just after we finished work. :eek:

Talk about being nervous! It took every ounce of control to stop shaking like a leaf. However, she said she still said she had things to sort out with her relationship with her ex (or not ex as the case may be), and that she was very flattered (said that a couple of times).
But I feel there was an unspoken "but" after that, and that the word "flattered" was a polite way of saying "thank you, but no thankyou". I've heard it before, and I know what it means. :( At least she didn't say I was "sweet" - that word's the kiss of death.
I'm dreading any repercussions, embarassment, or even revulsion and hatred. Oh God I hope I did the right thing, and didn't seem too weird and loopy or whatever! :eek:

Do you think I did/said the right thing?

(I've just realised this is my 3,000 th post! Woooo!)

Mr_Wobble ;)

...and then I told her what I felt about her, and... 28 votes

Yes! You did the right thing. After all, you never know.
96% 27 votes
No way! You did what? You complete loon! We were only kidding when we gave out advice like that in the past, and said tell them!
3% 1 vote
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