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Is this normal

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
My mum has had alot of hardship.
First her brother died, then her fiance, then her fav uncle
now, she didnt drink 'alot' before that but now she gets up to six cans of holsten pils a nite.
is this strong or do your parent/s drink that much
please answer
every time she gets a drink in her she tells everyone the personal things i tell her because i dont have anyone else to talk to and it hurts me
and whenever she gets annoyed or I get annoyed after she has had a drink she accuses me of not letting her have fun and go out because she had me when she was 33 and everybody elses kids were grown up like my brother who was 14 at the time.
but I can look after my self for a nite to let her go out but when she is sober, she says she dont want to go out. I am in a stick situation here.
Another thing my brother is 25 and Im 15 so he has his own business and does well, makes lots of money and stays up the road from us. but it is her birthday today and she done the its my birthday and i cant go out because of you routine but says im old enough to treat her to a nite out.

But my brother is going out with his pals to nite and sent his g/f up with a bunch of half dead pansies and now she says i dont love her for not giving her a present. She forgets that every penny I get I give to her for housekeeping and I made £20 out of a weekend job I had and gave it to her.

Is this normal 10 votes

The same as yours, it it normal
0% 0 votes
Mine dont drink
20% 2 votes
Mine drink alot more
0% 0 votes
Mine dont drink alot
80% 8 votes
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