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Bad sex, loving relationship?

Ok. Read similar articles in French Marie Claire and Austrian mag "Wienerin" - bit like "Red or "Cosmo" in the UK. Been thinking.

The French article was an interview of a random group of blokes who were talking about their attitudes to sex and all agreed that if they were getting bad sex, they´d leave or cheat on the girl even if they adored her for other reasons and felt that she was wonderful. The Austrian article talked more about female experiences of similar scenarios - would bad sex the first time round mean that you walked straight out of a relationship because it ultimately wouldn´t work out or would you stick with it, either trying to make things better in the bedroom or at least valuing the good things about the bloke in question?

How important is good sex to you in a relationship, then? Is it just one aspect (and therefore bad sex could be tolerated if your partner was otherwise fantastic and lovely and you felt that you were compatible)? Is it the be-all and end-all for you, so you´d split up with someone or cheat on them if the sex was poor? Is good sex something that happens naturally if the relationship is going to work well and there´s that *spark* or is it something which can be worked on and improvements made via discussion?

No machoism, no soppiness please. Just a straight, honest set of answers, even if you think that others might flame you for them. I´m not judging - I´m just really curious.
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Bad sex, loving relationship? 20 votes

Yes, possibly
80% 16 votes
No, never
20% 4 votes
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