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internet relationships ?!

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internet relationships what do u think?!

ok we have all been in a chat room but when u have met a person the same age as u and dont live that far or in the same place then he tells u he loves u and wants to meet and wants to be ur partner then what oops!

are u worried? or not
do u go for it or just make an excuse up what would u do i wanna no?
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    Some times it can work, I met my bf online, well he e mailed me through this site I was a member of and started off just chatting and playful flirting, then we met and that went really well and now were together which was nice <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> We weren’t looking for love one time we just kissed and it went on from there... <IMG SRC="biggrin.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

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    There's two questions there really:

    1) What do we think of internet relationships?

    2) What do we think of this guy who uses the word 'love' so easily after a few sessions in a chat room having nevr actually met you?

    Well on question one, there are different kinds of things that can be called 'internet relationships': The internet can be the initial contact for people who later also share emails, phone conversations, eventually meet, and find they are in love. There are also people already in love, separated by distance, for whom their internet relationship is simply a way of continuing an already formed relationship.

    There is also a third kind, which is the naff one. The one where people have never met yet can bandy around words like 'love'. Anyone who thinks they can love someone they have never spoken to face to face doesn't really know the meaning of the word. That's just the 'desire to be in love' making them fool themselves.

    I guess that already gives you a hint of what is coming as my answer to the second question.

    Now, you sound sensible and down to earth. Not the kind who'd declare actual real love for someone you've never even met. You could indeed have an internet relationship based on either of the first two types I mentioned. But him?

    Sorry, this guy sounds both lame and desperate. He sure as hell hasn't the faintest concept of love, or else isn't even living in the real world. Tell him tonight that you are really 18 stones and his so-called love will vanish instantly. The guy is a waste. Sorry to be so blunt, but if you don't believe me, go ahead and find out the hard way. After all, even an idiot may be good looking. Just don't cry back here when he hurts you by acting like the idiot he is. And sooner or later, he will.
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