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i cant believe i have men problems again!!!!

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Hi guys!
I managed to get over my last bloke (see previous thread!!) after he tells me to f*ck of to hell and Die earlier this week (nicely put mate, cheers for that!) and sort my head out as i was already falling for someone else who i had become very close to. I knew ages ago that i liked him, probably even while i was still seeing J (my ex), but i couldn't get my head straight.
Two weeks ago, this guy decided to tell me that he liked me( he was drunk, but it was still nice to hear), giving me the kick up the backside to get my life sorted out in the hope of getting together with him. He is the best bloke, (and unfortunately a regular poster on these boards - but i really don't care - you can read all you want cos it's only gonna be stuff i'd've told you before anyway). He's intelligent, kind, funny, a great friend, and will even play fight with me (there are so many guys that won't do that!) and will listen to me til the cows come home. I could go on forever complimenting him, but as he may actually read this, i'll stop!
But, by the time i managed to get my head together.. he just wants to be friends. GAAAAA!!!! If only I had been clear headed two weeks ago this great guy wouldn't have slipped through my fingers.
He's probably my best friend, so i'm gonna have to get over it pretty sharpish to be able to deal with seeing him all the time and helping him with his other girl issues, but i feel totally gutted.
And to boot, he probably knows precisely how i feel cos he's always complaining about women doing this to him. i feel crap. just wanted to air this latest dilema in my life in the hope of getting some more great feedback like i did from you guys last time!

K xx


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    I know how patronising it is when ppl say to you 'maybe it's for the best' n your like, no it's not!! But ya never know, maybe in time......things might happen.
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