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Perfect Stranger??

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Hi all,

Hope everyone is having a good week. I have a question I would like to put to the crew, even though I have kinda made my own mind up just wanna see if other people would do the same.

Well...I travel to work n back on two buses. Not the best journey in the world (well the one going away from work is :) ). Anyway, the past couple of days I've been late and whilst waiting for me bus, there has been this OMG gorgeous girl catching the same bus every night. What's the big deal I hear you say!!

Well, you know when you meet someone and there is that 'click'? Well that is what is happening here. Don't get me wrong I know that life moves in mysterious ways and the like. Trouble I'm finding is that we are doing the good ol flirting thing. You know, she looks I see so turns away and the such. I don't mind any of this and today I just gave her a cheeky smile.

The main problem is that I'm already seeing someone. Now before you all shout and tell me to leave alone, things between the gf & I have been a little odd lately but I'm not using this as an excuse. I'm just finding that this person who I have not spoken to is in my head every night!! :crazyeyes

Now, the problem is that we are meeting like this by chance alone. I get the impression that she wants to say something but is too shy and being a dim-wit I'm doing the same.

I don't want to find someone new in my life, but I am always keen to make good friends and she seems to be the type that I would have a friend.

I'm I going into this too much or shall I just speak to her for the hell of it??

p.s. Anyone else been in this type of situation???

Ramble over.......:hyper:


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    ummmmmm difficult one...
    i think you need to make up your mind just how much you want to be with your current girlfriend, if you really want to work through the "odd" period then don't make a move, but then again, talking can't hurt anyone can it?

    maybe if you do talk to her you'll realise you don't want her as much as you think?, or maybe you will decide she is the girl for you.
    either way, get it straight in your head first about how much you want your current gf, because cheating ain't big or clever,(not that i'm assuming you will!!!!)

    hope that helps, i think i rambled more than you.......
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    not at all juice.

    I could never cheat anyway......Don't know what it is but my body has an auto shutdown thing.

    Plus been cheated on too many times in the past so i know what it feels like.

    Just weird you know. That whole chemistry clicking thing. If someone saw as in the street they would be doing that knowingly nodding thing....lol

    I dunno, life is no just drama, but also bloody weird!!!!!!!
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    go for it. i hate it when i get missed opportunities of catching the eyes of someone gorgeous and then never doin anythin about it. just take the chance. and if there is a mutual attraction, don't do anything until u have sorted out what u want with your girlfriend. its only fair on her. but still..grab the chance, you're young!
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    Either it's me or something funny is happening. Left work early today, thought I'd hover around and grab something to eat before I wait for the usual bus.

    Sitting down peacefully and she turns up 10 minutes early. Strange I thought, debated about catching that one and eventually did, and that look was there. Guess who was chicken!?!?!

    Still gonna make an effort tomorrow...

    I dunno!
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    ohh i would definitely strike up a conversation!! okay here's what you have to do:

    1. take off your watch

    2. put it somewhere *hidden*

    3. go up to her and ask her if she's got the time....

    4. add something jokey when she's told you like 'thanks...i had this feeling i was really late and i was getting really stressed here!'

    5. hopefully she'll say something back...so just ask her something ...you know just start a conversation!

    i would definitely go for it....i mean you'll kick yourself if you dont, you've got nothing to lose and you're not cheating just by talking to another girl are you?

    if there's definitely an attraction then you could rethink your girlfriend situation-well i dunno, you've gotta figure out that one for yourself!

    hmm i've got a bit carried away here sorry!
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