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crash and burn. maybe.

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i have gone out a couple times with this girl that i really like. we went a couple times for ice cream and hung out most of today with my sister(who is a friend of hers) and my sisters bf.

when we got back to where we were dropping her off i asked her if she would like to go out with me on a date. she told me that she would have to think about it. to me that says no. any thoughts?


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    Maybe she's unsure because you're her friend's brother? Or else she just doesn't know whether she likes you *that* much in *that* way?

    I don't think it means a straight 'no' so just wait and see! If she messes you around and won't give you an answer within the next week or so, ask her again but make sure she realises there's no pressure - the if she still won't commit, you'll probably have to reconcile yourself with the thought of just being 'friends' with her. You never know, maybe in time she might change her mind.

    But that's only the pessimistic option. The optimistic one is next time your phone rings, it's her asking when and where... :D
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    You know what women can be like, sometimes we just cant make up our minds! But if you had fun hanging out then hold out and see what she says! Maybe she is unsure what your sister will think if she goes out with you?! Hope it works itself out and you get the gal, i'm sure you will :)
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    I can understand her wanting to think about it ... but don't panic & assume the worst ... I'm sure you're a lovely guy :wave:

    If you think about it from her perspective then you're (obviously) her friends bruv ... if something goes wonky in the relationship she's still gonna want to come round and see her friend ... that could feel awkward if you two have had a relationship

    On the other hand it could go really well & lead onto certain physical things ... perhaps that could cause things to be awkward between her & her friend (ur Sis)

    *Big Sis PoV here: I've a younger bruv & - tho he's gorgeous & luvly - the idea of him doing THINGS with girls isn't one that I adore!!! ;)*

    Having said that if you're friends already that's good ... & presumably the 2 families already -even just vaguely- know each other so that means convos with parents are not so scary!

    Proceed with care - but there's no reason why it should be a no-go area :)
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