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Working in ibiza

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Me and some friends are thinking of going to ibiza for 3 months next summer i take it it will be easy to get a job? also how much do they pay you, very little? How will we find a place to live for 3 months?


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    Bar work is the best work as you get to keep tips and you can make alright money. What ever you do don't take any jobs that involve handing out flyers in the streets.

    It depends when your gonna go. The most expensive time to go is around July, August.

    You might wanna check out:

    San Antonio
    Hotel Arenal
    Hotel Gran Sol
    Hotel Vedra

    Villas are your best option IMO but their way to much if your gonna be out there looking for work for 3 months. Some hotels in San An go from as little as 11 quid per nite.

    Playa den Bossa
    Atzaro Apartments
    Hotel Club La Noria

    Your best bet is to go an see your travel agent to be honest and see what they have to say. Most people in Ibiza are really nice and If you look around you can get work for people in bars/cafes that will also sometimes provide you with a place to stay. You might get asked to do a few extra shifts.. if you do then take 'em as you will proberly get charged maybe half a weeks rent and maybe free food and drink.

    Forgot to say: If you can try and get some work before you get out there 'coz work get snaped up real quick in mid summer. If you've never been out there before don't take the first offer of job.. check ya options. You might also wanna get you and your mates to put money in a kitty and hold some money back.. only take what you need when you need it and don't be sucked into going to the big clubs as soon as you get out there as they are quite alot in terms of entry fees and drink then before you know it you'll be skint.
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