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Female abs.....

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edited January 2023 in General Chat
Hiya peeps,

I'm a fitness freak and love to have a fit body. I am thin and I'm really starting to see an improvement in my body but I was wondering if there are any other females who love to keep fit? I find my two problem areas are my inner thighs and my lower abs. I've joined an online club:


and I've taken ab exercises off there that have helped but has anyone found inner thigh exercises that have worked???


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    Iam not female btw.

    I think its pointless paying to join things like that when so much of it can be found for free online or by asking.

    The best way to get abs is to reduce your body fat %age as well as working the muscles.

    Body fat is reduced best by gaining lean muscle and doing low intensity cardio vascular activites like power walking or gentle cycling.

    The best ab exercise I like (to get more square abs) is to stay still with your back just off the floor, make sure you breathe, count to ten and curl up. Wait for 5 seconds, then repeat. Hope that makes sense.
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    I agree with Sanj33v, the only way is by losing body fat. Doing exercises that focus soley on your obliques will help too, because they are what I think you are referring to when talk about your lower abs.

    But remember that it is much more difficult for a woman to healthily lose body fat than a man. Ripped abs like a man might not be a worthwhile goal.
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    For the inner thighs, there's a machine at the gym that you sit with your legs astride, and have to bring them together, but the pads you rest your legs on resist that force *bad explanantion, sorry*. Or rock climbing is good to stretch leg muscles!
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    Any amount of cardio is good ;) However to optimize fat burning it is best done for at least 20 minutes and first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you follow the Low Carb diet 9which i dont know if you do, but from my perspective)you'd have an advantage over most in this respect. Your body will first use carbs for energy when doing aerobic exercise followed by fat, the greater your store or carbs, the less fat will be burned. By working out first thing your carbs are at their lowest as you've been fasting (sleeping) all night. It is estimated you can increase fat burning by up to 300% this way.

    All muscles need to rest. A good rule to follow is 2 days rest between workouts. But remember that in order to see the results of all your hard work, your body will have to get rid of the fat. Low Carbers have an advantage here too, our diets are rich in protein which our body uses to build muscle. I've noticed a marked improvement in muscle tone since I started resistance training (at a much faster rate than before). The recovery period seems to have speeded up as well.

    I dunno if your on a low carb diet but here is other suggestions if your not on that diet:

    As for exercises for your trouble spots, you have to understand that you can't spot reduce. You can spot-build/spot-"tone",but fat loss isn't specific to one area on your body. Still, you should weight train to firm up theses areea while the cardio and healthy dieting can take care of fat loss for you.

    Any squatting motion (squats, leg press, hack squat, etc) done with legs slightly wider than shoulder width, and tose pointed out SLIGHTLY ... The key to getting this so you get inner thigh work is to go as DEEP into a squat as you can. Take 3 seconds to go down, and 2 seconds to come up. Try this on a machine such as a leg press first, so that you don't have to worry as much about form as you would on a traditional squat.
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