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tempted to cheat

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I used to be weaversgal on here but I forgot my password so I had to change names, anyway...
I've been going out with my bf for just over two months, it's a long distance relationship, for the last two weeks we have done nothing but argue...but also over those last two weeks i have started to get on really well with my bfs mate, ino his mate fancys me and i really fancy him and i dont know whether to dump my bf and go out with him or stay with my bf and maybe meet this m8 and see how we get on together b4 i dump my bf, but then that would be cheating and i dont really wanna do that. I love my bf but not as much as i did and i dont want to be with him 4eva yet he sez he wants to be with me but im 17 and want to have fun with lads, i dont want to be tied to one lad.

I'm really stuck for what to do, do you think its the fact that i have this major crush on this other lad and the fact me and my bf have been arguing is why im feeling like this?

Please help me, im going to my bf's next friday for 4 days and im also going to meet this m8 again... i dont know how im going to cope with being with them both 2getha, i'll want to flirt wiv the m8 but cant coz my bf will be there!

Please help! <IMG alt="image" SRC="rolleyes.gif" border="0">


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    I think u have to be honest to your bf, but dont tell him u fancy his mate thought, that would be baaaad!
    I think you owe your bf at least that, treat him, like u would want to be treated, so let him go, and go for the other guy, otherwise its not fair on him, or you.
    Thats what i think anywayz.
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    well if both of these guys live the same long distance away, there will still be that between you. plus if you dump one for the other, you're the one who gets to live miles away where as they'll have to deal with the fall-out living right close to each other.

    how can u love this guy if you've only been seeing him 2mths. i mean it is possible yeah, but realistically any guy that reckons he wants to spend the rest of his life with you blah blah blah after 2mths is either after something or very needy - which is not good right? i'd say neither
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    I wouldnt advice dumping him for his mate. I did that once and i was stuck in a very awkward position. It was horrible for everyone.
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