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Gap Years

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I am considering taking a gap year before uni, as i want to do something different and experience a different culture, instead of staying on the education treadmill without a break for another 3/4 years. If anyboday can answer any of the following questions, it would be good!

1. Has anybody taken a gap year?
2. Would you suggest taking it before or after university?
3. What did you do, where did you go?
4. Would you recommend it?
5. How did you pay/finance the trip?
6. What do you feel you gained out of the year?
7. How did you find adjusting to academic work after a year of freedom?
8. Did you feel disadvantaged or out of place as you were in the yeargroup behind what you would have been in if you hadn't takn a year out?


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    1. yes ive taken a gap year
    2. i took it before uni, and am heading to uni now in september
    3. i worked for a year in a leisure centre, it was my part time summer job and they offered me full time covering maternity leave. i started off as a lifeguard but then i got my Fitness instructors qualification, swimming instructors qualification and also exercise to music qualification, so towards the end of the year i was working as gym instructor and taking fitness classes. am now in america for 7 weeks travelling.
    4.i would recommend it definetely
    5. i lived at home and saved about 75% of my wages each week
    6. work experience, gained more qualifications, decided what i actually wanted to do with my life. i had a deferred place at college to do music but i took a year out cos i wasnt sure. now i know that i want to work in the fitness industry, and im going back to college in september to do my HND in sports science part time, and then im gonna work part time and also work my way through the fitness qualifications until eventually i can do the Personal Training Diploma
    7. doesnt really apply since i havent gone back yet, but i had quite a bit of theory work for swimming instructor and fitness instructor and it was tough enough after not having done anything academic for a while
    8. not at all, a few of my friends took a gap year, and most of my friends now are people from the year below me, but i dont really mind at all.
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