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Binge eating?

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Hey guys

Once again, I come before you seeking wisdom of the masses...

One or two of you who have seen the occasional sporadic post I put up here will know that I have self-harmed in the past. With that I started overeating. I recognised it at the time, but dismissed it as "nothing".

Since I stopped self-harming, the overeating has become worse. I have tried to make myself sick, to get rid of what I eat, but I can't. I'm piling on weight, to the extent that I am "officially" overweight.

The only person I have confided in about this thinks it's form of eating disorder (Binge Eating Disorder), but surely if I don't make myself sick then it's just a bad habit? What distinguishes a bad habit from a disorder? I'm so confused!

More importantly, has anyone been here before? Any ideas on how to get over it? It's becoming an obsession, and I'm 99% sure it contributed to the fact that I cut myself again. Just one lapse, I won't let it get the better of me this time!

I am waffling off the point now, but still anything you have to say would be appreciated.



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    I THINK you have binge eating disorder. You said it was an "obsession." since u said u started overeating more once u stopped cutting. this is just a suggestion, cuz i was in a therapy group with a few binge eaters, try to find something to keep you busy, like volunteer for something, find a new sport. maybe even ask your family for support. When you eat, dont get like a huge bag of potato chips, just get maybe 2 or 3 chips and put them on a plate then put the bag away. I found that instead of having the huge package there, i ate less. I think that food is a comfort and when no one is there to support you or help you, food becomes anyones best friend. its always there, but alot of times it can be overdone. i would suggest to maybe talk to a social worker or a professional who can help you get to the root of the problem. Even though ive been to many a pscyhologists, im not a pro at binge eating disorder. Sorry...i wasnt really much help.
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    Hello there

    If you feel you have a problem, which it seems you do, then you should address it. We have a useful article on binge eating on TheSite, and a case study on complulsive eating too.

    Go and see your GP or contact one of the following for further help, advice and support

    Overeaters Anonymous, PO Box 19 Stretford, Manchester M32 9EB.

    The Eating Disorders Association
    Sackville Place, 44 Magdalen Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1JU.
    Helpline: 01603 621414
    Youth Helpline: 01603 765050

    Take care,
    Susie :)
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    Ive posted a topic on this before and know how hard it is to stop binge eating. as yet i havent stopped but think that i will over the summer as im moving home from uni on friday and working full time so i think that it will give me somthing to do. As other people have said it helps to distract yourself by doing somjthing else and i have also found that if i wright down everything that i have eaten everyday this also helps (dont lie to yourself food that you have thrown back up still counts on your list) this will help because as your eating somthing you know that you will have to wright it down later on. and as suzie says if you think that you can go to the doctors as im sure it would help to talk to someone
    take care. mel**
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    ive been there and its such a difficult thing. i did it cos i was depressed, and i put on weight and got more depressed and so i ate and that made me feel bad so i ate more. its a vicious circle. what made it worse was the fact i am diabetic and it made my sugar levels go sky high and as a result my control was very poor. i cant remember exactly when it stopped. i got help from the doc for my depression and i started to sort my life out and the eating got better. im still not completely better, i still eat things i shouldnt and if i have an off day i maybe eat a little more but no where near what i used to.
    i really understand. it starts to rule your life. all i thought about was food. go and see your doc and ask for advice. best of luck pal. pm me if you want :)
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    I tend to binge when im worried about something. I dont try to make myself sick afterwards, so i know its nothing like bulimia, but the bingeing does worry me. I sometimes dont even realise that i am bingeing, which is kinda more worrying than the actual bingeing itself...
    Im gonna try hard to make myself more concious of when im low and find other things to do when im worried/anxious/depressed. It aint gonna be easy tho.
    I definitely use food as a comfort thing
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