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Citizen, Subject, Sheeple ~ 'kept citizens' we need to talk about it!

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We bandy about names and labels on one another with varying degrees of intent/insult.

This thread covers some of it but it is an issue that bears discusing amoung correspondents such as we are. I know that it bothers many to be called 'subjects' in a quasi or openly contemptious manner...though I haven't really heard much condemning 'citizenship' within an established body of people.

About the 'kept citizen' or subject/slave to a government so politically correct that it is out of touch with the reality of the people it is supposed to serve but instead demands service from as one would serfs.

Lest anyone misunderstand, US has as large a problem with this as does the UK...with a whole string of recently PC 'leaders' who would have us genuflecting before them if they could get away with it.

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    The problems with the word subject arise because you Americans use it as it was used hundreds of years ago when the Monarch ruled absolutely. You see it as a word to describe the serfs of the old feudal systems represented in todays world. Thats just not the case any more.

    Theres about as much chance of me being ordered to fight for my local Baron as there is of you deciding you want an orgy with Sarah Brady, Rosie O'donnell and Janet Reno.

    Despite what you may think, we are every bit as free as you guys...We chose a couple of hundred years ago not to carry guns for self defence. Next time you refer to us as sheeple or subjects in a derogatory sense just remember that your freedoms are going down the toilet just as much as ours. You no longer even have a free, independant and unbiased press, Ive lost count at how many people ive heard comment that they look to the BBC for the news that the US networks are too afraid to tell. 95% of Americans are fed the CNN/NBC shit, how many years will it be before those people are running the country?

    Look in your own midst before commenting on the troubles of us subjects.

    I am a free citizen of the UK
    I am a willing subject of Her Majesty QEII
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    This has been done to death now, and it's becoming boring.
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