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Muslims kill 17 yr old boy



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    Most aid workers in Afghanistan have always been Afghani nationals-and will presumably continue with their work in appalling conditions with lttle in the way of supplies.
    I dont know about much recent US aid to the Taliban apart from the $43,000,000 they gave them as a reward for not growing opium last year.

    Apparently Afghan Arab fighters also went to Bosnia to fight in the civil war there.
    Amazingly enough they formed themselves into the Handzar division a recreation of a Fascist/Muslim force that was part of the Waffen SS and had fought alongside the Germans in WW2.
    Some of these characters are now the only non Serbian/Croatians facing war-crime trials in the Hague.
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    Originally posted by Man Of Kent:
    So it isn't Muslims killing Jewish women, children and babies in Israel then? It wasn't Muslims that invaded Kuwait in 1990 (Iraq)? it wasn't Muslims who fought the Iran/Iraq war? It wasn't Muslims who carried out the attack on the WTC?

    So it isn't Jews killing muslim women, children and babies in Palestine then?

    if you haven't noticed, the death toll of the israel/palestine conflict is leaning towards the palestine side thanks to israels massive army supplied by the US. Maybe you need to take a look at the original pictures, and videos, esp. the one where the father was protecting his son, and both of them were shot by the israelis. this is a stupid conflict due to some ill politics. the palestians and israelis are both semites so the only thing seperating them is religion, and to see such a conflict taking place is sickening. the question arises, why don't we rid ourselves of such politicians that ensue such tensions rather than the ignorant but innocent people?
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