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The USA's Bonkers Wing

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For those of you who do not or can not get The Times, this was in Giles Coren's diary on the 19th:
Giles Coren, The Times, Wednesday 19th September 2001:
Just in case unbalanced media coverage has been giving you the impression that Islam is the only religon with a significant bonkers wing, this is what the Reverend Jerry Falwell, the founder of the conservative pressure group Moral Majority, said about the twin towers attack on an American television programme hosted by the evangelist Pat Robertson:

"The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians and the American Civil Liberties Union - all of them who have tried to secularise America - I point the finger and say 'you helped this happen'."

Now, once we've all stopped laughing...

First, this does seem to be shifting the blame on a massive scale. There can be no doubt exactly where the culpable persons lie: in small pieces in the rubble of the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Presumably, Rev. Falwell is quite happy that Mohammed Atta and his associates are now facing God's justice, if not that of the American courts. If not, I would like to hear how Rev. Falwell presumes to doubt God's right to judge all his creations.

Secondly, I wonder how Rev. Falwell, the pious, God-fearing man that he is, managed to summon the nerve to attest as to the Almighty's emotional state. Unless, of course, Rev. Falwell is God, in which case he has bigger problems than we can help him with (like referring to Himself in the third person).

Thirdly, 'secular' is precisely what the USA has to be in order for religous freedom to flourish: a secular state with occasionally religous inhabitants. Or perhaps Rev. Falwell would prefer an official and established state religon? If the USA had one, we can be pretty sure that it wouldn't be whatever perverted and bastardized version of Christianity he practices, since such a state religon would have been adopted along with the Constitution.

I can only hope that the show's audience had the sense to mock Rev. Falwell as much as he claimed the world to be mocking God.


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    Ah well...Why bother even doing anything to the terrorists. After all it wasnt their fault, it was punishment from the almighty.

    Makes me sick that people on both sides, left and right, are using this tradgedy to further their own agenda.

    Theres a group in NYC offering free abortions in the area..Now what on earth are they thinking? People went into a screwing frenzy when 20k people died??? There are sick people all over.

    I hope this guy just gets laughed away.

    "An Englishman's never so natural as when he's holding his tongue." --Henry James
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    Fairy Falwell...he's not Bob Hope but he is funny.

    If you want real US secular violence you have to go to the "Identity" movememt...an offspring of 'British Israel' movement of years ago...their writings make 'Mein Kampf' sound tame and uncentered.

    Good morning english...probably night there or nearly so...keep looking East for the early sunrise, it's coming. The world is about to become a MUCH more dangerous place.

    The talliban said 'no' and guess what...soon these 'students of islam' will be hanginb by strings from the soccer stadium in Kabul...where they have been murdering their own for years instead of playing ball.

    See what happens when a nation doesn't have color TV and the internet...he, he, heee....

    Time to make peace with your cousins in Ireland...everyone's help is needed in this coming fight.

    Balddog, what was your take on GW Bush's speach? I have seldom heard one of our leaders say so well exactly what was on everyone's mind. Guess we could say that he has a pair in spite of statements to the contrary from his detractors.

    Stay safe cousins, be good to each other.


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    I thought it was a great speech. He gets better every time I see him. Only thing that detracted from his speech was the damn cameras focusing on that animal Hillary Clinton...Urgh that woman sends shivers down my spine with the rolling of her eyes and the false applause..

    Bush is doing a great job in this awful situation. I have a feeling hes going to go down in history.
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    Did you see the shameful interviews involving Hilary and the other NY congressmen and senators a couple of days after the event. talk about backslapping extravaganza - all saying how wonderful the other was and how much the did (and were doing) for the citizens of NY. I nearly vomited.

    Anyway, back to Bush. I read an interesting column today which suggested that he was like a "Post Turtle".

    A Post Turtle is something you might find as you wander across a field. On a fence post you might find a turtle. The Post Turtle. Now the thing is that you don't know how he got there, and you know he didn't get there by himself, he obviously doesn't belong there, he can't do much while he is there and you just want to help the guy down so that he can be on his way and get on with his life.

    I still can't help thinking that he still isn't running things. When he ad-libs he seems to show his limited intelligence and capability. That said, I'm glad his backroom staff are there (rather than Slick Willy and his crew) because they seem to have their heads screwed on and are steering him in the right direction.

    Oh, and the article went on to say that if only the people in Palm Beach had known how to punch holes in a ballot box, then it would be Gore in the White House at the moment. Proof positive that stupid people can save the world?
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    Well back to the idiot on TV. Well even his religious group stated after the ridiculous speech that his view were his and not the views of the 'religious majority'. So don't worry, there are a few that try and twist things for their own good, but they are laughed at. He did have a point, but went way to far. What he should have said was, "The rapidly declining state of morals in this country might have turned God's wraith towards us too wake us up and come clean. In the same way he did to the nation of Israel in pre-Roman times."

    The blaming of the depraved for the actions of the terrorists was way too far though. You might think of me as a crazy radical, but I even this this was too far.
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    Originally posted by Man Of Kent:
    I still can't help thinking that he still isn't running things. When he ad-libs he seems to show his limited intelligence and capability.

    Did you not see the speech in the wreckage with the fire fighters? A rather good ad-lib, that.

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