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Live-in jobs

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
Has anyone ever had a live-in job?

At the mo, I'm only working as a waitress, while I work out what to do with my life. I was reading the recruitment section of one of the industry (hospitality and catering) magazines we had at work, and found many jobs were live-in positions. Admittedly, many were chef-ing jobs, but some were bar staff/waiters and restaurant managers jobs. One of my career ideas is hospitality (tho I have had a job offer from an insurance broker who often comes in for lunch!) and to become a restaurant manager. Where I work now doesn't have much scope for moving up to management level, so really, after a bit of thought, a live-in position for a big company down south (where all the opportunities are, according to this mag) makes sense.

I'm only 19, and have never lived away from home before, tho I think I could cope with it (especially with a hotel laundry on hand!), but I was just wondering if anyone here had had any experience of it :)


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I´ve got a live-in job at the moment.

    I am a volunteer on a slum in Brazil in a Salvation Army run centre for ´social assistance and promotion´ which basically involves working with kids etc.

    I work 40 hours a week and find it very intensive. I really love it and there are definate advantages to living-in- no time or money spent getting to work, time to sleep in lunch hour etc. But on the other hand pretty much the whole time I am at home I feel like I´m on-call- the phone and the door bell are constantly going and people don´t seem to realise that we do sleep and want time off like everyone else! I like having people around and usually it´s nice to see people from the programme when I´m not at work but at times it does get a bit much. Also you need to consider the lack of privacy from your employer- I´m not allowed alcohol on the premises which isn´t a problem but it´s just the little things like that. Also, I´m not really sure if I´m allowed overnight visitors (ok, it´s a fairly safe bet that I´m not) so I have to sneak my boyfriend out at about 6am when he stays over.

    But generally I like living-in and as forthe job, I love it!! :)
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