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the girl I was after(most of you know)

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Hi again folks, It's the borin guy seeking for advice on yet the same topic as before!!

For the ones who know about this, you will know that the girl I am after was seeing a guy from her workplace. It actually only lasted two weeks and now the've stayed friends.

I last talked to my friend(the girl-Gemma) yesterday because she wasn't going to college for the rest of the year because she was a bit ill. she asked me las weekend if I wanted to go to town with her for a bit. For that day I couldnt because i had plans.

Yesterday, I was going to town with a pal cos he neede to go and get a ticket for a gig, I asked her if she wanted to come jus for a walk about basically. She said yes and then later on my mate txted me sayin her couldnt go cos he was ill. I was thinkin Great it wil be jus me and her, wot does she do? brings another pal. So it turned into a day of shopping, what more could I ask for?

The worst part I would say however are the conversations that girls have when they're together, ex boyfriends being the main one. I'm sat there tryin my best to look interested in the girl I'm after talkin about her ex.

I've asked her a few times if she wanted to go see a flim or summat durin summer, I asked her again las night(in tx) if she still wanted to go see a film together, she said yes, but I don't know if she thinks I jus wanna stay as friends or more, she knew I fancied her, but whether she knows I stil do is a different matter.

Time for help people, please!


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    wow! i didnt hear about it the first time round, but it seems to be a "Deadend" sign to me!! well, i dont want to piss u off, but if she didnt get the message and play on the knowledge that u fancied her, then she probably isn't interested!... sorry for that, u others say if u think i'm right
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Can't you just have your own thread on this topic or something like that other bloke? You're probably too new to remember...

    Ask the mods for this to be made into a Sticky even because it's a bit silly having all these different threads about the same thing...
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