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Just a ponder..

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Do you think parents and doctors are too quick to jump to the conclusion that someone is depressed? I got to thinking this when talking to someone who claims to be depressed and yet he leads a perfectly normal life, no family problems or anything. A lot of people claim to be depressed.

Is it suddenly 'cool' to be depressed? Is it seen to be intellectual? All I know is, I know what real depression is as when I had a spell of it I didn't get out of bed for 2 weeks solid and hardly ate (and no I wasn't under an illness) and nobody I've talked to has gone through anything like this.

Any thoughts folks?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    yeah ive known quite a few people who have said theyre depressed, gone to the docs and immediately have been prescribed drugs for it...:rolleyes:

    i think that sometimes people may just be a little bit down and it gets blown out of all proportion. but i guess for doctors, its difficult to assess the extent of it, so they dont want to take any risks really do they? and for members of the family etc they probably just over worry

    (not saying this is always the case:))
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    i reckon you are right about some people saying they are depressed when they are just a bit down but just because someone doesnt appear to have problems and leads a "normal" life doesnt mean they arent suffering(im not getting at you) some people are good at hiding depression.
    i know what its like as ive been there. im much better now but you still get the odd bad day but now i know it will pass.
    i think some docs are quick to hand out anti depressants. the first time i went to the doc(who wasnt my usual gp) about feeling depressed, she spoke to me for about 2 minutes and prescribed prozac and pushed me out the door. i never took them and continued to be depressed for a long time b4 approaching my own gp about it. some doc dont take the time to really listen! understood they are busy but we pay for their service through tax!
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