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Allergy to Sunscreen??

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Along with the heat rash question...

I've been getting really bad heat rash lately. It's yucky...red bumps all over my hands, feet, arms, and legs. At first I thought it was just from the heat, but now I'm thinking it may be the sunscreen I'm using.

Is it possible to develop an allergy to sunscreen?

Sometimes if I miss a spot with the sunscreen, that part will burn, meaning it was in the sun and exposed to heat, yet there's no heat rash. The only places I've seen the rash are places that I put sunscreen on.

Any sunscreens you know of that are good for sensitive skin? I've tried all of the big name sunscreens and it's still happening. The same thing was happening to my face(couldn't really see the rash, but it was itchy as hell) earlier this year, and my doctor had me change my soap to Cetaphil and my face cleared up the first day I used it.

Any thoughts?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    You could be allergic to anything - it may take a while to recognise the symptoms too.

    I bought loads of Antibacterial soap but it took me a while tor eliase I start itching like made when I use it - Think I'm allergic to the main ingredient called TCC.

    I used to use Hawiian Tropic sun screen have you tried that one?
    The one I used was like jelly rather then a creme.

    IF that don't work try ones make for young kids they are usually much much irritating.
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    Im allergic to most suncreens, like you said, lots of little red bumps - so yes I guess it is possible.

    One that doesnt bring me out in a rash is Olay's Anti UV (Or something like that). You could try looking for one for sensitive skin? Not sure if they make 'em though. :confused:
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