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Unfair boss and job

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Heres my problem, its too posts combined as i posted it somewhere else too, thank you for reading and hopefully replying.
(also i am NeoNero, but cant retrive my old password so have logged on as this one, although i doubt many will remember me)

I currently work in the games industry, as a tester. And i want some advice, i get paid a pretty low wage, under 10k lets say, i dont get paid ANY over time, the only 'bonus' i get is if the game is finished on time, and that looks EXTREAMLY doubtful!

Over the past couple of months ive been FORCED to work overtime, unpaid, i dont mind a few hours a week, but when im working 9am till gone past 10pm 3 nights a week it gets upsetting, im getting depressed because of it, i left work this evening ready to break down in tears im that upset.

I have to work some weekends too, again unpaid. Today at 6:30 pm the time we 'should' finish at me, the other testers, and the programmers were told are we going to stay late tonight, we looked at the boss and he said, its not a question im telling you (in a jokey sort of way, but he meant it) i stayed till 9 then got my stuff and was ready to leave, it takes me an hour and half to get home after 9 as less trains run and i have to get a bus home, if i miss one of them its 2 hours.

The boss asked me where i was going, i said home, he said, 'thats not staying very late' i said i was tired (i have to be up at 6:30am to get ready to leave) and he said, thats no excuse, now common back to work, and turned me aropund and pushed me back towards my desk, not a hard push, just a touching push. I then said 'im not getting paid for any of this and im gona be home after 11pm' he then said, well im not getting paid for it either.

I then sat down and did more work. He now expects me in at 9am tomo like every other day. I cant take it for much longer, ive got no life, i cant arrange things, i cant go out, i get home, sleep then back to work, ive got no me time or time to relax.

So i want some advice, where do i stand legally, what can he and cant he do, same with me, what can i do and what cant i do.

I will mention i signed a form giving up rights to a 48 hour work week, but all work was volentary, but to me that aint volentary.

My original contract also says i may have to do a small bit of overtime for no work, but doing 4 hours extra 3 nights a week and sometimes sundays is not a little bit.

Im going to be contacting the CAB the weekend, but wanted anyone elses advice here as well, especially J.pickfords seeing as he is the boss of his own company, but all others will be greatly valued.


2nd post

Ok was at work today, and was asked to work sunday, i said no, i had plans, boss then went on a long rant about how in knew what i was getting into when i took the job (i knew i may have to work one sunday every few weeks, but not till ten at night and bank holidays and all weekend) i just said i had plans and wont be in, everyone else said they would, many cancerling their plans to go to a friends leaving party.

Im hopefully going to the CAB tomo, but ive decided that from monday im not going to do anymore over time, i know this could cause a lot of problems, but my health is worth more than any job. And well theres no clause in my contract forcing me to do free over time.

I dont know about being able to find another job quickly, if i do lose this one there is a lot of options id be willing to persue, from train and bus work, to marketing back to retail, if only for the short term, rather than the long term. Finding a retail job isnt hard if you spread your cv about but the jobs vary in pay and work, id only have about 500 pounds to live on, which could last me two months, but well, i'll give it another 2 weeks, if things havent changed, or get worse i'll start looking for another job. And by the end of the two weeks, i should know if i get the bonus or not.
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