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A Levels for Teaching

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I just finished school, and am doing my GCSE exams at the moment. I'm planning to go into teaching in primary schools, which is what I've always wanted to do.

I decided to do English, History, Music and Psychology at AS Level, planning to drop Music after the first year. However, I've studied GCSE Russian, and my exams went a lot better than I expected - my teacher says I should definately get a B, if not an A. This has led me to reconsider, and I have decided that I would really like to do AS Russian - I know and get on with the teachers, and enjoy the subject. I'm thinking of taking Russian instead of Music.

I think I would enjoy Russian more, but i don't know which subject would look better on applications for uni/teaching jobs in primary schools. I know Music is looked upon favourably in primary schools, but is this a good enough reason to study it?

Does anyone know if a language like Russian would be a good idea, or if I'd be better doing Music? I'd like to carry on both Music and Russian, but don't get on with the Music teachers at college, and also struggle with Music theory. I definately want to take English, History and Psychology, so it's choosing between Music and Russian which is the problem.

Thanks for reading..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    maybe getting some uni prospectuses might help, or calling some unis urself. i don't know if you have ne careers places near you, or somewhere like connextions? asking someone who will really know, ie a careers guidance teacher at school would be your best bet.
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    It doesn't matter whether you do music or Russian to be honest, as your other subjects reflect your desire to teach at primary school level. If you would prefer to do Russian because you would find it more fun, then do it!

    Do do primary school teaching you must have a lot of experience of working with children, so think about volunteering in a school one afternoon a week for at least two terms.

    Also, does your college / sixth form run classroom support schemes where you can go into classes of younger children and help them out with spelling etc? If not, perhaps you could talk to someone about setting that up. My school also had a paired reading scheme where you were paired up with a youngster who had difficultly reading and you would help them with it one lunchtime a week. Experience like this is far more helpful than either Russian or music anyway.

    I have two mates doing primary education:
    One did psychology, eng lit and history and the other did geog, economics and history. So as you can see, your english, history and psychology will be enough anyway.

    I say go for it and do Russian if you would much prefer it! Good luck with the rest of your exams too! :)
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    You should do the subject that you enjoy the most, because you will be studying it alot over the next couple of years,Talk to your career advisor at school, they should be able to help with what subjects would be the most suitable if you are planning to be a primary school teacher. Good luck with the rest of your GCSE's and whatever subjects you choose to do next year I hope you enjoy them!:)
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