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aaaaaaaargh help...ok here goes:
ok im with this guy who i love with all my heart but recently things have been rough and this other guy came along, we clicked instantly and became great friends after only a few days... *breath*
after a few more days he announces he's 'completely, genuinely in love with me', i continue seein him as friend as he's still a great mate, and things are ok. after a while all he talks about is how much he wants me and things just got continously awkward, but i still saw him-bearing in mind im still with my love-of-life.
after a couple more days i kissed him to see if things could be different (things couldnt), but was convinced by him that it wasnt that bad cos 'its not like im just someone u met in the street-im in luv with u for fucks sake and i just want u to be happy' kinda thing.
my conscience clears a bit, boyfriend doesnt find out-not an issue.
we see each other each and every day as friends, but every day his feelings grow. he's such a great friend that i dont let this bother me...
my best friend, stef, meets this guy, and likes him quite a bit...i think to myself how good it would be if these 2 got together-he'd be happier, she'd be happy, he'd be off my back, it would be great.
he tells me he doesnt want to cos of me.
a few days later he gets it into his head that he doesnt have a chance with me and asks her out. woohoo im such a cupid, everyones gonna be happy...but wait! heres the thing. as soon as i was told about this i get this weird feeling in my stomach like ive been punched, and my skin crawls. im happy for them and kinda relieved that i wont be hurting this guy anymore by not being with him BUT at the same time the thought of this amazing bloke with my best friend makes me wanna puke. ARGH. whats going on ?!!?! heeeeelp. is this jealousy or have i got feelings for this guy?! i cant tell at all and now i think ive missed out on something special, even if the big huge rows between me and my wunnerful boyfriend have calmed down slightly recently...
i dont know how to act around these 2 with him loving me but being with my best friend and me having a long-term boyfriend raaarg...:confused:


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Classic grass is greener....you love your boyfriend - right? Then stick with him. But if this new bloke is too much temptation then leave your boyfriend. You risk losing your man and your friend though!
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