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Shenanigans in the Sunshine State

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haven't posted for a while.

Dunno whether anyone is too interested in what's going on with the US election but there are a few interesting points to have come out of it…

1.What i really love about election coverage is when the anchors/pundits have nothing new to say so just say the same thing in 16 different way. Do you think Florida is a battleground state? You don't say...

2. i also love america's kooky titles for each state - like Florida being the sunshine state. Is Utah the wife-collecting state?

3 There's been a lot of talk about the pluses and minuses of voting for Nader (the Greens candidate). No doubt the democrats would have won reasonably easy without him pissing in the voting pool, but that just perpetuates the absurd two-party system which the US can't shake. If freaks like Ross Perot or Nadir can shift the common perspective a little, then that's gotta be good. Nadir was saying he thinks america needs to go into a republican-lead rightwing fascist state of evilness before people will wake up. ie, needs to get worse before it can get better. Which sounds like classic communist theory to me…

4. If the worst comes to the worst, at least george Dubyah Bush will make good copy in a depressing Dan Quayle sorta way. Shit, if that's all that can be salvaged from an election to vote in the leader of the most powerful country in the Goddamn Whole WORLD... then i'm leaving.

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