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I want this Mohammed to become Joe America.

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I'd love to see this guy become an American.

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Mohammed Odeh al Rehaief, his wife and their daughter were granted asylum by the U.S. government on Monday.

Al Rehaief reportedly saw then 19-year-old Lynch, who had been wounded and captured in an ambush in the early days of the U.S. invasion, lying bandaged in a hospital bed in Nassiriya. He saw an Iraqi security agent slap the young soldier as she lay in bed, and decided to go for help.

The lawyer reportedly walked several miles to reach U.S. Marines, and drew a map to help the rescue team find Lynch. U.S. special forces staged a dramatic night-time raid on the Nassiriya hospital on April 1 and whisked the badly injured Lynch to safety.

The only thing the marines remembered about him was his name: Mohammed. That's about as valuable as knowing a guy who will be watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC is named Sean. But like that big of the article I pasted said, they found him and his wife and child and got him out of there. They're gonna visit Lynch in the Hospital.

"Mr. al Rehaief should know that Americans are grateful for his bravery and for his compassion. The Iraqi people should know that America stands beside him," Ridge said in a speech.


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    A brave man.
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    I'm so glad the media picked up on this a lot. I think the media shows, way too much, Palestinians yelling death to America. It might make people think everyone in the Middle East is out to kill us...which, of course, isn't true.
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