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jobs abroad...

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
has anyone here ever had a ski job? did they enjoy it? has anyone worked for mark warner? i'm looking for people and their experiences on working abroad, what they did, would they do it again etc etc...


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Well, I haven't, but my best mate has just got back from working in Austria for five months. She worked for SHG (I think), which is a sister company of Thomson, as a Hotel Host - basically, waitress/bar staff/room cleaner.

    From her tales, it's obvious she enjoyed it - turned out to be one long holiday, on the social side. She was out every night - only returning at 3/4am when she had to be up for a 7am start (many of them went to work still pissed! Tho, quite a few got the sack for doing it one too many times, so be warned!) - and on the slopes every day, when she wasn't working. She shared a room with another girl, and lived with about 13-14 other people. On the work side of things, the hours were long and the work was repetative - she often had to work 7-11am then 5-11pm (with skiing and going out inbetween, it didn't leave much time for sleep!)

    The disadvantages would be the feeling of isolation - we don't exactly live in a big town in the first place, but she said she hated being in the little village she was based in, she felt cut off from everything and it was hard to get enough time between shifts to actually go into the next town to get whatever she wanted. Keeping in touch with her family (and me!) was also tough - phone calls and internet access were expensive (she used the company phone and they landed her with one big bil at the end of her contract) and difficult to get access to.

    Another thing is that the job isn't exactly well paid when you work it all out - you get your wages paid into your account one day, and the next about three quarters of it is taken back out by the company to pay for your accomodation, food, etc etc. Some companies also take a certain amount from your wages (something like £30-40 a month) and keep it until your contract is up, then you get it back as a lump sum. I think it's designed to help you survive between your contract ending and you getting back home and finding another job :)

    If there's anything else ya wanna know, just tell me and I'll ask her for you :)
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