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I want to apply through clearance, though my qualifications are basic to say the least. I'm currently doing an NQ Graphics course, which includes Higher English, and that's all I have apart from GCSEs. All my friends are leaving for Uni come September meaning I'll be left alone if I have to do a further year at college, the people who are staying I don't really get on with.

I have a UCAS form, just need to fill it in and get a reference from a lecturer. I COULD do two further years at college and jump onto year three of a four year Uni course but I don't think I could endure here much longer.

Is there a deadline to when you can apply?

Is it harder to get through clearance than it is the normal route?

Do I stand a chance with my current qualifications?

Thanks for reading.
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    The last date for UCAS clearing applications is 20 September 2003


    One in four sixth formers go through the clearing process to get to uni ... look in the newspapers at results time and also the ucas site and www.ecctis.co.uk/ it isn't hard to get on a course this way, but you may need to be more flexible in what you choose. For example if you want to do a popular course but can't get a place it may be worth finding out if you can take a place on a similar course and move over to your chosen course in the second year after some places become freed up by drop-outs.

    Another thing you may want to consider if you don't have enough qualifications is a foundation course at your uni before you move over to a degree.

    Talk to your college careers advisor and phone up the relevant departments of universities you'd like to go to and ask them if you would meet their entry requirements.

    Hope that helps

    Susie :)
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