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He's emigrating

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On of my boyfriend's oldest friends is emigrating to America to get married.

I only met him at Christmas time but since then we've been close and he is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

He is moving to San Fransisco next Tuesday and marrying in August and I am really really sad that he is going. My boyfriend cab understand this but some of our other mates can't see why I am so upset, after all I have only known him a short time!

What can I do to convice them that I don't fancy him, and am I overreacting to his leaving, after all I haven't known him very long?


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    Sometimes when we meet someone you get an instant attraction and you know that your gonna get along fine, so yeah I can understand where youre coming from. You've got to know him in such a short time and suddenly he's not gonna be around anymore, course your going to feel a loss.
    I also hate it when peeps think you "fancy" someone of the opposite sex.......I mean you cant have friends of the opposite sex can you :rolleyes:
    Just make the most of the time left :)
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