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I'm going to buy a console.



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    Originally posted by Kiezo

    The X-Box might be more powerful, but what's powerful when you don't have the games to play on it?

    I mean you're not gonna be sitting playing playing Zelda on the GameCube thinking "I wish I was playing Halo at a few more MHz faster".

    GameCube has, and will continue to have better games than the X-Box.

    My word ... A voice of reason :D

    You hit it right on the head mate ... it's all about the games .. not the hardware ... The Xbox may have shed loads of titles available for it now compared to the Cube but exactly how many of those are killer apps and how much is shelf filling tosh ??
    Now look at the Cube and ask the same question ....
    Quantity does not ensure Quality .... As owners of a Dreamcast will be able to relate too ......
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