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Course choice?

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I'm not quite going to uni yet but I'm getting to the stage where I'm wondering what I want to do for a job, and since I want to go to uni, what to study. I'm probably gonna go to Glasgow as its supposed to be great for students, and its a place I like anyway and its not too far from home, so I've been finding out a bit about it. One course I'm interested in is "Electonics with Music". I do fancy being a music producer, sound engineer or something like that, but the course involves a lot of maths and engineering type stuff, and I'm not sure if that really is the job for me... I love music, and the electronics is kinda interesting but I'm keeping my options open, maybe for a more 'normal' job (ye all that sounds kinda stupid, but its kinda hard to expain my feelings about it.)

Another thing I fancy is something to do with writing, more on the creative side of things. Theres probably gonna be some kinda course in Glasgow that does that... I know this is all really vague, but any advice (and questions if you dont understand) would be nice. My highers are gonna be Maths, Music, Physics, English and History.
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