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skurry shit.

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wow, ok, i had a recent scare lately, i thought i had genital warts. nasty i know, it wasn't thought through unprotected sex, but through the guy havin a wart on his hand which i later discovered. i was shell shocked, really, my sex life flashed before my life, and i was like. god, i need better sex, now now now!


i was petrified, cause it means i wouldn't be able to have sex again, cuz i thought it was on my lips..again..graphicness..*more mortifiedness* therefore a johnny wouldn't help. it would constantly reoccur with flare ups of nasty warts..i wouldn't be able to have a bloke muck around down there either, cause he would catch it. i might get cancer if i had left it long enough untreated, and if i did conciveve, the baby would catch the virus instantly upon birth. :crazyeyes i read on here, that they appear 1-3 months after the "incident" and i found one. and bugger me, i was shittin my pantaloons.

my mum found out after i stupidly sobbed too loudly and ran to the living room to get the phone to book with the GUM and left my computer monitor on with sites on genital warts and stuff. she wandered in here to check if i was ok, and saw the sites, thank mary it wasn't porn. :lol:

..so today i went and had my check up, and i was asked all the usual, many partners i slept with, have i paid for sex, or been paid to give sex, do i fancy women..yada yada. then, she popped me up, had a nosy and frowned.

"that's not warts, m'love"

i peeked up, face scarlet with humiliation from shame. "whaaa?"

"you've shaved a bit too much, and you're skins went all lumpyish"

do you know how chuffed i was?! it was so relieving..i felt like my shoulderblades shifted and i could meander so easily once more. i know this post seems so vapid and vainglorious, but i am so pleased i don't have the virus. i felt so clean and healthy.

i want everyone to be very careful each time they go out and meet someone they wanna ravage...condoms don't protect you from HPV [genital warts] but if you get the 411 instantly about their who's what's where's and when's..it is so vital you know this.

you should be ok :D

i am, and luckily through chance i ain't affected. lmao i also got handed 36 johnnies, and 12 sachets of lube for free! how nice are the NHS?!

lmao love love <33

Becky xoxox

PS this isn't a dig at people who already have it, if any, i'm just sharing a story that i think people will benefit from. :):heart:


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