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THE PILL-is this possible??please help

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Last week when i got home from visiting my boyfriend at university, we were both talking on the phone to one another. As i was talking to him i mentioned that i come of my pill that night which was sunday night, and i normally take another packet of pills, and then i have a period! (does everyone follow so far) :)

i told my boyfriend that i was going to take another packet of pills because this is what i normally do.... he then said to me
"Laura you cannot keep doing this it is a health problem" I then said dont worry ive been doing it for a while now it shouldnt matter, im sure it doesnt harm you anyway.... he then said "laura i think its stops you from having babies if you keep doing that, taking packets of pills after each other" :eek: HE said it stops your fertility (if thats the word he was looking for)

I was absolutly shocked, i thought o my god, what if it can happen, AND now ive been craping my self since he said that:confused: im not sure if that can happen???

i was really just looking for some answers because i am sooooo worried now that he has said that, can this be true???
please set my mind at rest??

thanks xx


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    i have spoken at length to my doctor about this.

    i get pretty anaemic, and periods don't really help with that, so he advised me to run 3 packs together before having a break, so i bleed a lot less often.

    he says the maximum recommended number of packs you run together is 3, technically you need never have a break, and you would be fine.

    and taking the pill can actually increase your fertility when you decide to stop taking them, because it keeps all your woman bits healthy.

    no offence, but your boyfriend really doesn't know what he's on about.

    you'll be fine. but if you're still worried you could check with a doctor or ring NHS direct or something....
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    Hey sweetdevi

    I think your boyfriend has got confused with some of the older generation pills (not in use now), which did sometimes carry problems with fertility afterwards. As legal junkie said new generation pills don't tend to carry this problem however it is always advised you speak to your GP before running packs together.

    Pop in for a chat or ring:
    Brook Advisory Centres
    Advice, counselling and medical help around contraception, pregnancy, abortion and sexual health.
    Telephone: 0800 0185023

    Susie :)
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    How horrible, I think you should make him use condoms as punishment! :lol:

    I take packets back to back as advised by my doc. I only have a break when I start bleeding during a packet, then I stop for a week while I have a period then get back on it. Not bothered about my fertility but wouldn't do it if it was harming me obviously!
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