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Can anyone pls tell me the best way to masturbate a girl? i know every girl is different and i have asked my girl friend, but id like a rough guide of how to rub my fingers over her clit and in her vagina. she has told me how she likes it, but i need a tad more help! thanxs!


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hope this helps.

    I guess it will be trial and error for you, some girls will like one thing, others will prefer something different. You have to try and find out which suits your gfriend.

    Try and relax and enjoy the experience yourself.

    Please be gentle. Forget the porno film image of the macho male giving it rough. On the whole it will just get your face slapped. That doesn't mean you treat your gfriend as a china doll.

    Firstly, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female anatomy. Other postings on this forum will show you where it is, if you don't know. Be careful, and don't over stimulate it - some girls infact cannot stand it being touched, though the majority do. However it is usually only able to be carressed when the female is aroused, ie when it comes out of the clitoral hood (kinda like a female erection).

    Try alternating your attention between the clitoris and the vagina. Rub your fingers around the vaginal orifice, don't be in a hurry to insert them.

    Remember your gfriend may well be nervous, therefore she may well be a bit dry and unlubricated. So be patient, when she gets wet, start to put one finger gently inside her. Don't push it in too far, be careful, see how your gfriend reacts. If she is tense, she will tighten up, and it will be uncomfortable for her.

    Resist the temptation to try and put more fingers inside your gfriend than she wants. 1 or 2 usually will be enough, of course some girls like more, (and yes girls I know some of you like fisting). To tell what she wants, ask her, if she is shy, see how her body is reacting - above all be as gentle as she wants.

    As she relaxes she may well ask you to do more for her, listen to what she wants.

    Once she is well lubricated, - insert and remove your finger(s), repeatedly, (in a way simulating sex), occasionally alternate this with stroking her clitoris.

    One final tip, that may be useful. REMEMBER your gfriend will (usually) know her vagina a damn site more than you - ask her what turns her on, say is she wants to direct your hand, that is fine with you.

    Try to do all this while you are kissing, stroking and carressing her. For god sake don't treat the experience as a gynocaelogical treatment!! ie don't stare at her fanny like it is some kind of foreign object.


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