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"Work Prep"

Right, I'm not sure if this is available to abled people (me being visually and hearing impaired...)

Instead of going on New Deal, I can undergo unpaid placements instead. I was going to go on New Deal after the 13th week on the dole, instead of the usual 26th. Because I showed so much evidence in job searching, New Deal was ruled out by my advisor. Its really just to educate job seekers on how to job hunt better. You can also go on courses to gain qualifications. As I have 9 A-C GCSEs, 4 A-levels, a degree but with only 18 months commercial experience, obviously I was going to need something different.

The original paperwork for Work Prep was carried out on Jan 3rd with the help from my advisor. We met up again on Monday (Jan 22nd) to discuss the geography and nature of my work preferences. Just one day later, I had a phone call from the same lady to say that I have been fixed up with a job interview a week on Friday. If all goes well, I will be taking 10 weeks of unpaid employment with the Staffordshire Borough Council in web design. Also, there is a 50% odds of gaining paid employment at the end. I will remain on the dole, and I don't have to actively look for jobs while I'm on Work Prep. Also, I will get travel expenses paid.

You might want to check this out at your local jobcentres. Failing this, I know that the general public can do something called "Work Trials", where you respond to a normal job advert and give your voluntary services for up to 15 working days. Then your line manager can then decided to take you on permanently. You can also decided for yourself if you like the job.
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