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GHB and muscle gain.

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I have looked through the site info already but was just wondering if anyone had any experience with using GHB for muscle gain ?

If so what is the crack ? Does it work? Is it worth doing ?

I have done some searches on the net but most of the sites like erowid are blocked from work!

If anyone can help me out or copy and paste any relevant info they have seen for me I would be most grateful !



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    GHB? Wonderful stuff.....

    I believe the reason Weight lifter or body builder’s use it is because it promotes the kind of deep sleep that is perfect for muscle repair & rebuild after a session.... It does not actually do anything to the muscles directly themselves....

    I had a big all-nighter & followed it with a few hits of GHB I fell asleep at about 9 am & woke at 1pm ish & felt like i had had 12 hours....

    You want to check the law on it, have heard it has been used as a date rape drug (too much & you black out) so 2 years for possession & 5 for dealing, where as up until recently it was not illegal....

    Also I did a search on the net for it & a wholesaler came back that was selling it for its real purpose which is paint stripping... dont know how differnt the form is that you will get from a dealer as to its commerical use? Be carefull!
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    Just in case you did not know.... I work in an IT department & all out internet traffic to each individual is logged & blocked sites are flagged up.... so if your doing a lot of searches for dodgy stuff & getting blocked then against your name will be a whole listof dodgy stuff!

    Not every IT dept will do this but if you piss off your IT guy then he will have a lot of ammo to take to your line manager.....!
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    I've been using GHB on and off for about 2 years now and I havent really noticed any difference. However I havent been using it for that purpose what so ever. I'm not really a weight lifter and have never been. I do think it can be good if you have aching bones, you sleep well and it does seem better in the morning.

    Pure GHB is quite difficult to get these days since a lot of the sites have been closed down. It is still very much legal in the UK, however your not allowed to make or sell it. Its fine to import your own for personal use and thats why all companies selling it are based abroad.

    GHB is very dangerous if you dont use it carefuly and yes it has on occation been used in date rape, however so have about 10 other drugs too.

    However I personaly think GHB is one of the best home use drugs around and very safe if you know how to treat it. I think its much nicer on the body than booze or vitualy any other drug and unless your stupid doesnt have an addictive side.

    Be VERY careful when buying GHB from a dealer and not a chemist, it will come in liquid form and the strength is impossible to tell. DONT go by what they tell you, 1ml or water can hold up to a gram of GHB, so one 'cap' can put you in a very bad state.

    There are other chemicals sold on the net that are quite similar to GHB, the most comon is GBL, this comes as a liquid and is normaly quite a bit cheaper than GHB, however its really really dose sensitive and personaly I dont think its a good replacement for proper GHB.

    If you are using GHB for insomnia I would say that it does have a draw back, because it lasts about 4 hours I tend to wake up after that and not sleep the whole night through. However I'm not very good at sleeping anyway.

    Well any other questions I'd be glad to answer them, with all the rubbish thats told about GHB I'd like to defend it a bit.
    Like it DOES NOT cause you to trip and pull out the teeth of your girlfriend!
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    Agrees with Bongbudda in defending GHB.... have only ever had good experiences with it....

    Must find a new source as old has dried up.... :rolleyes:
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