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I'm at Hull uni in the first year. When i came back after christmas i moved blocks and went from sharing a room to my own room. I fell out with the only three friends and i have an dnow i have noone i dont know anyone in the block and dont really know where to start on getting to know people. It's really getting me down to the point that i feel like i'm a complete outsider everyone else seems to be getting on okay but me. Plus i'm worried as i have not sorted anywhere out to live yet and i have no one to move in with advice would be desperately apreciated.
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    Perhaps you could try talking to the people you've fallen out with to see if you can make amends, that is if you want to make amends, I obviously don't know what has gone on.

    You could also try just knocking on the door of the people in your new hall and introducing yourself, perhaps asking if anyone would like to go for a drink, as a chance to get to know them.

    Joining some societies or getting a job where other students work is also another good way of making friends.

    Remember, you're not alone and there will be people like you worried because they haven't made any friends. Lasting friendships cannot be made in a short space of time, they need time to grow. It may seem that people have close friends, but it is unlikely that a lot of these friendships will last the distance. I know I am not mates with anyone I met in my first year. I see them around and we chat, but we're not as close as we were.
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    I'm headed for University this year, and I was worried about how I'd cope - being as shy as I am. I looked into the best ways of meeting people.

    Joining new clubs and societies kept cropping up repeatedly. It seems they are the best ways of getting to know new people, and the fact that you have a common interest means that you have something to talk about - a way of keeping a new friendship going. What I usually find is that you can talk to a new person - but you rarely see them again. A society meets up regularly so you can say hello and see them more often.

    Just approaching random people in the University is also a good way of making friends, as BumbleBee said - knock on somebody's door or approach someone. They'll probably be wanting all the friends they can get and if they're normal they're unlikely to turn you away for trying to befriend them.
    This can seem really daunting, as I know. When you meet someone just be yourself, and try making them laugh - it makes you seem interesting and they'll remember you!

    Good luck!
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