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Rite my best mates mum and step dad are having a new yearz eve party tonight, and my mate invited me and my other mate along., But my mates mum said we werent alowed out in the street cos all wierdos would be out..,which ok yeh maybe so i said ok, but my mates mum read a msg in her mobile which was off me saying that its fucked we cudnt go out and i needed to go out..now they dont want me at the party basically cos they dont trust me! My mate ad a go at her mum n she said that i could go...but i said to my m8 no offence like mate but i dont wana come to ur house and be in a house where im not trusted...now my mate seems a bit off with me! would u have said the same as what i said or do you think i was out of order?? :confused::(
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