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this is off an email i got sent to me, some of the points r quite funny (and oh so true!)

* men r like government bonds -
they take so long 2 mature

* men r like high heels -
they r easy to walk on once u get the hang of it

* men r like horoscopes -
they always tell u what to do and r usually wrong.

* men r like lava lamps -
fun to look at but not all that bright

* men r like mascara -
they usually run at the forst sign of emotion

* men r like parking spaces-
the good ones r already taken and the ones that r left r either handicapped or extremely small (sorry if that 1 offends ne body)

* men r like place mats -
they only show up when theres food on the table

* men r like snowstorms-
you never know when they r coming, how many inches u will get or how long they will last

* men r like used cars -
both r easy to get, cheap, and unreliable

* men r like dry cleaners -
most work fast and leave no ring

* men r like laxatives -
they irritate the shit out of u!!!


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