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Can someone give me a summary of Lord of the Rings?

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Ok, Im seeing the Two Towers tommorow but I never saw the first one. Everyone says you have to see the first one blah blah blah but I cant cancel so can someone just give me any idea. Any background or jus a really quick summary would be great! Cheerz guys!


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    frodo is a hobbit and the main character. he is given a ring by his uncle and this ring is the key to controlling the whole of "middle earth" but since it was forged by evil hands, it ultimately destroys those who use it.

    for middle earth to be saved frodo must travel to morder, where the ring was forged, and destroy the ring by throwing it into a volcano.

    accompanying frodo is his sidekick sam, two other hobbits, an elf, a dwarf, two men (one died in the first film) and gandalf the wizard. in the first film gandalf disappeared into an abyss after fighting this massive monster thing called a balrog.

    i think that's generally it!
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