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Hope i spelt that right.

But what is it? i know its a yeast infection or something, but where can you get it, i know you can get it in your privates but can you get it on your chest to? how do you get it? Is it just woman that can get it, and can it be passed on. Also how long does it take to clear?

I dont have it but one me mates do, got me wondering about it. (dont worry shes gone chemists and got some stuff for it, bloody expensive it is to!)


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    hi chimpy yeah thrush is a yeast infection ur friend probably got canestean. ive never had thrush but ive heard about it correct me if im wrong but it is produced in the vagina and can be passed onto boys i will try and find some info 4 u!

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    Hi Chimpy,

    Thrush is a yeast infection caused commonly by a yeast called Candida albicans. This yeast is the one that is responsible for vaginal and oral thrush.

    Others types of 'Candida' yeasts can cause infections on the skin. However, this is RARE in people with generally good health - excepting diabetics, those people taking steroids for certain conditions and people with blood disorders.

    There are also a number of other 'yeasts' or 'fungi' that can cause infections. In order to find out further information it would be a very good idea to consult your doctor.

    You may also consider looking at: http://www.thesite.org/sex/sexual_health/thrush.html.

    There is also a confidential helpline that you may consider useful provided by the Brook Advisory Centres:
    Telephone: 0800 0185023 <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/cool.gif"&gt;
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