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just a rant

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so its not really a looking-for-advice post, just more of a i-need-to-bitch-and-get-it-off-my-chest post.

so anyway. i've been dating this guy for a bit. it has been an extremly tough relationship.

i met him and we hit it off, so we spent the next 2 days together. but he is always gone. he travles around the states with about 1 or 2 days off a month. it didnt' bother me at first, we still got enough of eachother and still got along great (better than any relationship before)

but lately its been getting harder and harder. i never thought i would feel this, but i want to see him more than a couple times a month. all we have been doing is arguing lately too. i call him and hes never around. he calls me and i'm at school.

then a few days ago he really pushed me over the edge. he had called while i was at school, so i called him back later. he then got into it how i am always too busy and never around and making everything difficult. so i shot back with i go to school once a day for a couple hours and that is being too busy while he doesn't even stay in one place for more than a day and is unreachable nearly all night long and that is perfectly fine.

things are just really pissing me off in this, but for some god-forsaken reason i don't want to end it.

anyway, this is just a little bitching in my head that i had to get out, if it is boring and doesn't even make sense (which i'm sure it is anyway). eh, whatever... its still early...


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    Long distance relationships aren't easy though, and to be fair you knew that he would not be around much when you started, but he should accept that too. It seems a bit much for him to be getting at you for not being around. Anyway find someone else who is nearby if you want a simple relationship.
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    i've never really had much for serious relationships before. i don't really know what it would be like to care alot for somebody. is it woth it to try to stick it thru or is the simple way the better way?
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