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a couple of problems

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i've just started uni and to cut a long story short i just want to get it on with more girls. One problem, i'll be the first to admit that i'm shit at pulling. Any attempt to pull usually ends up with me just making (sort of) friends with girls. Don't get me wrong, i like to be friends with girls, but i wanna pull a few more!!!I try to be nice and all that, but i've only pulled one girl (who lives in my halls) since i started in september, and to be honest she just started to be a bit of a bitch towards me a couple of weeks later.
Anyway if anyone has any cool tips or anything give us a post.

Secondly - there's this girl in my kitchen group in my halls who just won't bloody come out with us all when we go out to pubs/clubs. She hardly drinks and doesn't socialise much - just shuts herself in her room and plays with her computer or something ;) - thing is, she's pretty cool, and i want to get her being more sociable! Tried offering her a drink if she comes out but she refuses, and just makes excuses whenever we tell her to come out.
This is driving me mad, help me to help her!

Thirdly - One of my new really good mates just spends most of his time playing computer games in his room - now don't get me wrong, i like computer games but i certainly don't play them 24/7 like him. The guy can be quite cool, he comes down the pub and socialises a fair bit, but i wish he'd socialise a bit more with us all.
Also it is impossible to clubbing with the bugger cos he just won't dance for love nor money. I seriously reckon that if the world's most attractive woman offered herself to him if he'd get on the dancefloor in a club he'd refuse. I seriously don't think he'd hate it so much if he tried it!!
How can i get him away from his computer and onto the dancefloor - i'm stumped for ideas!

Fourthly - The guy above eats like a pig and i think he's a bad influence on me. (offers me crisps/fryups all the time) - i'm getting a gut goddamnit - but i need encouragement to eat less crap and i'm certainly not gonna get it from him unless i can convince him to eat less. He really is quite stubborn.

If you can help with any of the above give us a post

Ta, Oli

Anyway bitching over, uni's turning out quite cool - just wish there was less work!


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    i can relate to that guy. hes worried that he will feel ut of place if he goes out with you, i mean, its not that he doesnt like going out and socialising, its that hes probably going to be uncomftorbale and worried if he goes out. and dancing! needs tons more confidence. i used to be like him, actually i still. am. he needs more self confidence, and a great way to give him more is by saying nice things and just stuff like that, not too nice tho he mite think ur takin the piss outta him or sumet. as for the girl, ive never been a girl, but it sounds like she has low self confidence as well. esp the bit about refusing drinks, shes too polite, doesnt like to use ur money or w/e and i bet ull find that when she goes somewhere she wont be outgoing and will go all quiet. If im wrong of course, just ignore me, but this sounds like they need more self-confidence to me.
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