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somebody stop meeeeee!

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heeeelp u have to help me, im starting to take over the board, please, post some more, save me, and yourselves...........


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    What exactly happened there ?
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    ok ill post.
    hello *sweats*
    thankyou i guess
    erm bye then

    *thinks people stopped reading*
    aha, now, ill talk too much now, i have to do a rap in school, but my accent is too posh, so ive been relegated to this instrument that is similar to a tamborine :crying: which i dont think is right cos everyone will laugh at me. Also, my gf needs to tell me something but she doesnt know if she can tell me without me laughing at her, but i wont, so i confessed that i had never kissed anyone before her, by email of course, so that shud be interesting. also had an exam today. think i did pretty well. really hope laura did well. she usually panics in tests. i went to sleep cos it was cold and i had finished. perhaps i should have checked over my paper one more time... oops. damn, there goes my gcses. nevermind, ive still got laura, i guess i can get a career in communications..... :crying: nothing seems to be going well for me. apart from my girlfriend laura she is greaat. fantastic even. getrs embarresed sometimes tho. for example, today no1 were paying attention (apart from me) so she said to these girls "just fuck off or suck off vinny or do whatever i dont care" and then the girls said "like u suck off ur bf" and she went bright red, cos like we aint that far into our relationship yet, and its a steady relationship, not a rushed one, well, we r going slow, and its good, and i really like her, and maybe even love her, and i go queesy when i think about her and sometimes can almost pass ut, and i miss her, and im going to miss her for another 18ish hours till i can see her again :crying: ! its so not fair today. I lke her smile tho. Today i walked her ohome and were just kissing her goodbye when this old oman who was in her 60s+ who was on the other side of the road said "ooh lovey doveys" or at least thats what i think she said. i should have gone up to her and screamed in her fac "THIS AINT EASY YOU KNOW! ITS MY FIRST EVER SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP AND I DONT NEED AN OLD WOMAN LIKE YOU WHO GETS OFF ON MAKING INNAPROPRIATE COMMENTS UNDERMINING MY CONFIDENCE BY PAYING TOO MUCH ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM DOING AND THUS MAKING ME FEEL LIKE IVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!" or perhaps i should have just done what i did and said oh god then smiled with my gf.
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