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From California ~~ The People's Republic

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I just got this today...and it is turning out to be a true story...and you think there are no sheeple in US...!

"Jews Arrest "Aryan Baby Drive" Founder Arrested For Helping Poor In California
Woman Detained Under Patriot Act For Helping Poor Children In A "Racist" Manner; Jewish Officials Say "We Don't Care About Free Speech"

11/22/02 1:01:58 PM
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Letter to LSN

Orange County, California -- Date : Thu, 21 Nov 2002 14:05:14 EST
Subject : California D.A. arrests White supremacists

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas [LSN: Who is Jewish] was engaged in the battle of his life to keep his office. In order to do so he did a sweep of what he called white supremacist targets. His sweep gained him national coverage and the display he used to show the nation how dangerous white supremacists are is as follows: Four folding tables were lined up in a row. A book, titled "Did 6 million really die?", sat on one table (I hope you revisionists out there are paying attention). A black leather jacket, modeled after an SS uniform was on another table. On the third table was a replica of a can of Zyklon B.

Behind this dramatic foreground, the Orange County district attorney announced the arrest of two people suspected of being leaders of white supremacy groups. One of the arrested leaders was a woman from the "Women for Aryan Unity" which is believed to have several hundred members in Orange County and Los Angeles County. This woman made headlines with the "Aryan Baby Drive." A program, I believe, to encourage the adoption of white orphan babies by white couples.

Now here are the grounds on the arrest of this woman. They found razor blades and nails in her house and the DA claims those are all items with which you can make a bomb. With the passage of the Patriot Act, it has become a piece of cake to arrest people on charges like this. Heavy involved in this sweep was Joyce Greenspan, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

It gets much worse, because the National Aryan Baby Drive raises money to supply food, clothing and other items to poor white families. Greenspan alleges that these poor white families are all families who subscribe to white- supremacist views.

One of the other alleged white supremacist leaders was arrested also for possessing bomb making materials, which were found a year ago in his apartment complex. Now get this: The reason he was not arrested until now is because the Patriot Act had not been passed.

District Attorney Tony Rackauckas says he will use this as an example for all those who try to throw their allegiance to racist causes.

Checking deeper into the issue, it turns out that the investigators stole hundreds of pieces writings, books, and "Nazi artifacts." One of these writings was interpreted by the authorities as a sympathetic letter to Islamic terrorist groups with anti-Semitic feelings and was the base for the raid and the arrest. Three altogether have been arrested, including the woman, and bail has been set at $100,000 each. It turns out that they cannot prove any illegal or criminal activities, even when talking to neighbors and other residents in the area. These arrests and crackdown have been solely made possible because of the Patriot Act.

Here are a few important notes. The first table display was the book "Did 6 million really die?" Anyone amongst my audience who does not have that book? I do! The third table included a replica of a Zyclon B can. I have several pictures of Zyclon B cans. The other table had a leather jacket on it that supposedly was SS style. So what? On one hand the prosecutor accuses them of white supremacy and on the other hand they allege that they were corresponding with Islamic extremists, who are anti-Semitic.

Now, if this is not an indication of what's to come, then I don't know what else to say.

A good friend suggested to me today what we need is a security conference of all of us, and find solutions on how to protect each other from the things to come. We need to have measures in place that enable anyone who has to endure this kind of harassment and violation of their constitutional rights, to take advantage of it. I agree with my friend. With the passage of Homeland Security and the combination of the Patriot Act, anyone can be defined as a terrorist. The Orange County District Attorney openly stated that he doesn't care about freedom of speech. He says that these racial hatreds are beyond freedom of speech.

Anyone, please!

Walter F. Mueller"



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    More details are turning up. This is not a conservative source!:rolleyes:
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    Diesel, this is no surprise, and exactly the sort of thing I warned would result from the so called "Patriot Act" which itself was rammed through congress without the proper review and consultation that such sweeping new powers are normally supposed to undergo.

    Further to this you might want to do some checking into recent reports of the already warned of abuses that will only excalate under the newly approved Homeland Security Dept (which is in and of itself little more than the intrusive and paranoid police state that Bush and Ashcroft have been hungering for for so long)...

    Essentially, according to reports, an FBI list of persons "suspected" of having links to terrorism was released late last year or early this year and circulated to a range of business sectors including lending institutions, car rental agencies, airports, travel agencies, etc..

    Without any safeguards installed the list was quickly bootlegged and copied to an even wider constituency with hundreds if not thousands of names of decent, everyday US citizens in the business world (who might have been "seen" with an arab colleague or other spurious claimed links) just appearing on these new lists, thus essentially ruining the lives of these people who have lost business, cannot secure loans, travel without lengthy harrassment, etc. simply because they cannot get their names removed from the list (even though the FBI claims the names were not added by any official source).

    What America is turning into is a reborn McCarthy era cauldron of finger pointing, suspicion and paranoia. One might even quite easily equate the eventual situation to that of Soviet or Nazi era Russia and Germany (respectively).

    All this because my fellow countrymen (for the greater part) prefer to swallow the fearmongering of a corrupt administration which cares only for furthering its strangle hold on our society in order to gain unquestioning support for its irresponsible and greed inspired actions outside our shores.

    Mark my words, in years to come all the militarism and hyper security policies of the Bush administration will not only make us more hated in the world and more paranoid at home, but will only serve to prove the fanatical propaganda of groups like Al Queda correct and bolster their ranks.

    It's time Americans woke up and realised the Republican hawks are only making the global situation as well as our own worse, not better. Will Americans wake up to this fact before its too late to reverse it is the real question.
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    I dont have a copy of did 6 million really die. Isnt that a book trying to say the holocaust never happened?
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    having read that it seems the terror war is being won by the terrorist as they are destroying our freedoms , our way of life or...
    it realy was an american power plot to sow the fear by hitting new york themselves. not far fetched before you all start on me !
    it's getting dangerous to post views on the internet now. when will they be coming for us.....
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