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Some Advice

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As a student I am on full loan entitlement but have to pay about £650 tuition fees. I pay these myself out of my loan, along with my rent of £50 a week, bills and food shopping, along with weekly bus fares which have come to equal about £20.

I have been struggling lately to cope with having to pay out this much money, and despite my part time job I can no longer afford to live out, and so I am moving back in with my parents (we get on really well so no problem there)

I would urge people to really consider if they can afford to live out before they contemplate it, because I am creating upheavel for myself and housemates, and it is now my responsibility to find them someone acceptable to take over my contract.

They keep trying to get me to consider access loans and stuff, but I've made my decision and I just want them to respect it, but they're upset and the atmosphere in the house is edgy, making me want to move out even more!!!

Has anyone gone though all of this before, and does anyone know how I should go about finding someone else to move in?

At the end of the day I want them to like the person who moves in, but from a legal point of view, if they're being fussy, is it up to me who moves in at the end of the day???
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    My best mate in halls absolutely hated the girls we were living with and was having big probs with money to so she decided to move home. She couldn't leave til she found an acceptable replacement either and we had that cold, edgy feeling about the place so i know what u are going through.

    At my uni we have an accomodation office so she went there and they gave her lots of advice. She put up loads of posters advertising the room, location, weekly rent etc and also used the internal email system to email people with the sam e type of info.

    She got quite a lot of responses so she had meetings with the possible replacements. The important bit is to include your house mates in this as it will be them who will have to live with the new tenant.

    Its always hard to bring someone else new into a house/ hall but it seems that it is the only choice that u have so your housemates will just have to get used to the idea. Ask them if they have any friends who want to move in, or someone that they already know. Thats how we got a new flatmate in the end and i think it made it easier that she was known by at least some of the flat.

    Hope all goes well and sorry if i haven't been much help:)
    Good luck
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    I think that it is up to you in the end who moves in if u have an individual lease on your house. I have one of these and i think that if i ever wanted to move out i could move in anyone that i wanted as long as the landlord accepted it. Best to check that out with him though
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