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Hi, sorry if this has been done before but i wasn't sure what to put for a search.

For the past few months i've been feeling pretty down about alot of things, school and stuff. But recently i have started to get down about my weight and how i look compared to my freinds and other people (i know it sounds really stupid). It's got so bad that i'm hardley eating and want to throw up when i do eat because i feel so bad about eating. I want to help myself and stop what i'm doing and sort myself out, but i'm not sure what to do?! I want to talk to my family or my mates about it, but i don't know how to go about it. If anyone has had anything like this then i'd really appreciate hearing how you dealed with it :)

Thanks for any help :)


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    I know how you're feeling.
    I went throught a rough patch before my GCSE's. I tried to hide my feelings but it got so bad i ended up breaking down in front of my boyfriend.
    I eventually told my mam cos she was so worried about me. I wasn't eating, i wouldn't get up on a morning, i was so low. I had definatly hit rock bottom. (well thats how i felt at the time)
    But my mam and dad helped me through it by talking me through how i was feeling. If i hadn't told them about how i felt i might have done something silly.

    Anyway, what i'm saying is tell someone about how you're feeling before it gets any worse. If you leave it then you'll end up getting more and more depressed.
    You need to talk to someone about your eating habits because it looks like you have a problem. Don't leave it until it's too late. Do something about it now while you feel you can. :)

    Good luck and remember there is always someone there for you no matter how bad it gets :)
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    Hi Barbie, you could try doing a search for eating disorders or appetite. You're right, lots of people on the boards have had problems with eating and body image, and so on.

    We have some factsheets that may be useful, and there's a link to the eating disorders helpline which is confidential. You could also try talking to people by starting with one person that you trust. If you get on OK with your mum, say something to her when there's a quiet moment and there aren't loads of other people around. Your GP could be really helpful too.


    The Eating Disorders Association
    Sackville Place, 44 Magdalen Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1JU.
    Helpline: 01603 621414
    Youth Helpline: 01603 765050
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    Its the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do, but please go and see a doctor or a counsellor or someone of that ilk. Eating disorders and depressive illnesses are just that- illnesses- and a doctor can help get you back on your feet enough for you to confront and beat your problems.

    I dont really suffer from eating disorder, but in the past I have vomited food up because of weight issues. Ive cut. Im in therapy. Ive seen it, done it, and I feel that at last I might be coming out of the other side. Theres hope for you too, so dont give up hope, but for you to get better again youll need ot get help. The soone ryou do it the easier it is to get well again, and get over your problems.

    If you need a natter then PM or email me, but the best thing for you to do is try to get help. If you have a really close friend then confide in them, but if you feel that you dont have any friends dont lose sight of the fact that people care about you, however horrible you preceive yourself to be. Youre wonderful because you are YOU, and dont lose sight of that.

    Good luck in getting the help you need and deserve. Getting help isnt an admission of failure, its a sign of strength.
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    Hi Barbie,

    I went through a bit of a phase like this when I was your age. I was quite unhappy about things at the time, and as soon as I changed my circumstances and became happier, the problem went away.

    Great name by the way. ;) x Barbie
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    hi, thank alot for all the help :), it's really helped. And i'm going to talk to my mum about it.

    Thanks alot

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