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sex sex sex sex sex!

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Im new!!! Yay! Im 16 and ive been with my first "real" boyfriend for about three months. We started sleeping together after about three weeks. This wasnt because we were sex crazy it just was right, we had been casually almost "dating" for a bit. My problem is with my parents they dont like how intense my relationship is with him. I cant tell them that we are sleeping together because they are extremely old fashioned and would not except it. Im continuosly lieing to them (which admittadly i had to do anyway and i dont really mind doing it) but life at home is becoming fairly unbearable and its hard to find places to...er.. maintain a healthy relationship with my boyfriend. I want to know where you people have sex because my places are sneaky....


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    To be honest your parents are just worried about you! if they can see that your relationship is intense and so quickly they may question the fella who's stealing their little girl's intentions. Well thats what my mum told me! They were young once so i think they can imagine what you're doing and therefore stopping you too having time to be alone in your house. So you see it's just them protecting you but i understand how annoying it is.
    As for places ummmmmmm don't resort to pub/club/work toilets. What bout his house or is it the same story there?
    When i ever have a b/f (which i don't and am desperately trying to forget someone) it's usually his house. I guess cars etc. but you'll have to ask the others coz no doubt mine are tooo seedy!!!!! <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;
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    how about a late night picknic in the park?
    Find a nice wooded area and bring a blanket.

    Go to the movies (don't have sex there but you can still have a lot of fun)

    I don't know what everything is like where you live so most of the places that work for me would not be avalible to you.

    Just be creative and daring
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    You could try being honest with your parents even though they could explode at the truth. With the advantage of retrospect, I wish I had, if you act like an adult they'll have no choice but to treat you like an adult (eventually).
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    Hey Mintyfresh! I have ALMOST exactly the same problem as you! I started having sex with my bf when I was 16 but we had been together 8 months then, however my parents also did not approve AT ALL! I eventually told them about 3 weeks after we started having sex coz I wanted to go on the pill, but they really could not accept it and just pretended it wasnt happenning, which I think was pretty stupid! They didnt really go mental tho, but they really didnt approve of the relationship because they thought it was too serious and I was too young. I am now 17 and me and my bf have been together over a year but even tho they really like my bf my parents still do not accept that we r having sex but at least I am on the pill now.

    Me and my bf usually go around his place for a bit of nookie coz his parents r never there on a saturday night - he he he! However, we have taken to doing it in my room when my parents r downstairs, but this is REALLY risky so I'd only do it if u r feeling very brave (or very horny, like me!lol)

    Also, outdoor sex is GREAT when its nice and warm, so far we have only tried in a field, but that was pretty cool, however there's also forests, secluded beaches, cars u could try

    Why not go camping with your bf? That would b great fun, alone together in a tent for the weekend - BLISS!

    Hope I helped! GOOD LUCK - b careful! xx
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    I lost it when i was sixteen too and her parents didnt aprove of her being so involved either so knowing that her rents didnt like me that much i went over there for dinner. And then started hanging out over there alot. After a while they were asking me to cum (haha) over to thier house all the time. I am 19 now and we have long since broken up but they still like me over all the time. Once he wins your parents trust things will be much easier.
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    Hello there, <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt;

    Well i've 'experimented' sex in loads of funny/weird places so you don't always have to do it in the boring bed!! As it's summer it's easier as well as you can have sex in the woods, in a field (obviously if there's noone else about!). Does your boyfriend or yourself drive?? as sex in a car is a good laugh! When either of your parents are out you could try and fit a quickie in! I know it's hard and it does get annoying but it's sometimes more exciting don't you think when you shouldn't be doing it! heehee
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    Dont worry im a stalker and i still have this problem you have! I have been going out with my girl for about 2 mounths and we have been sleeping 2 gether. My mum is fine but thats bcoz i am a bit of a loss end reble as u were! But my girls p have no idear at all and her fam knows me well all of them from her brother 2 her nan! So if it ever got out and even 1 found out that this has been happening i would get my legs broken in a big way wat do u think!

    If i die could you pretend i said somthing deep and Emotionally funny!
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